The Wedding Photographer's Secret Weapon [My Wedding Day Worksheet]

You are not going to believe that you have ever lived without this!

The Wedding Day Worksheet is the number one tool I use to stay organized and learn everything I need to know about my clients' wedding day. This wedding day worksheet is the result of several years of tweaking and is the exact form I use with all of my wedding couples. Now you can use this form in your own workflow to delight your clients with how organized you are and show them that you care about details! 

Print this form and hand it to clients on paper, or copy and paste the questions into your own process, tweak the wording to make it your own or use it as is. 

I am so excited to gift you this tool that I’ve created to make your wedding day photoshoots, and your client experience, the very best it can be!

Happy Shooting!

Kelly xo


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